Regulations & Policies

  1. Unless otherwise stipulated, all exhibits must be the bona fide property of the exhibitor and entered in his/her name, except in Sections where they must be grown by or be the work of exhibitors.
  2. All exhibitors must deliver their exhibits to the stewards, executive committee or place in the allocated space as directed by stewards.
  3. Judges are empowered to decide on the age of any animal.
  4. The judges may withhold prizes in any class where exhibits are considered unworthy, and may award second and third prizes in lieu of first and second.
  5. No exhibitor will be allowed to display any prize card or ribbon on his exhibit, stall or stand, in addition to those issued by the Society for the year.
  6. The Executive Committee reserves the right to not display any entry/exhibit deemed to be explicit, discriminatory or in contradiction to the spirit of the Eudunda Show.
  7. All protests to be handed to the secretary in writing, accompanied by appropriate fee, within one hour after judge’s award, or opening of Show.
  8. Judge’s decision to be final, providing conditions of the class have been complied with.
  9. Should any exhibit, having gained a prize, be disqualified, the next on the list does not necessarily obtain the prize. The committee, with or without the advice of the judge or judges may decide the question.
  10. No one but stewards, appointed to wait on the judges, allowed with judges at time of judging.
  11. Entries for all sections close with Secretary on date stipulated. Late entries may be accepted, in Sections where preparations have not been finalized, at nominated Late Fee. Entries by post to be addressed to The Secretary, Eudunda Show, Box 311 EUDUNDA 5374 accompanied by the entry fee due. Phone entries must be confirmed in writing, accompanied by entry fee due.
  12. No tents, booths or hawkers will be allowed on the ground except with the consent of the executive committee.
  13. No exhibit to be removed before times directed by Conveners, otherwise prize liable to be held.
  14. Any member of the executive committee shall have the power to enter any side-show they wish at any time, free of charge.
  15. All prizes to be collected on Show day, unless prior arrangement has been made with the Secretary. Any unclaimed prizes will be considered a donation to the Eudunda Show Society.
  16. All exhibits entered “Not for Competition” must be marked as same.
  17. Whenever ‘District or Local’ is mentioned it shall mean within a radius of 30km. of the Show Ground.
  18. Section tickets must be put on exhibits by exhibitors. One section ticket will be issued free per entry made by exhibitor.
  19. No cups or trophies to be taken until they become the absolute property of the exhibitor.
  20. The Society reserves the right to refuse any person a stall or stand without assigning any reason.
  21. Any matter not dealt with in the Regulations shall be decided by the executive committee, whose decision shall be final. Five members of the committee to form a quorum.
  22. NO ALCOHOL TO BE BOUGHT ON TO THE GROUNDS. A Licensed Bar is is available for show attendees.
  23. DOGS TO BE KEPT ON LEASH AT ALL TIMES. An exception is when they are competing or working in an approved show event.
  24. Use Of Unmanned Aircraft/Drones at The Eudunda Show
    Please be aware that unless specifically permitted by the Eudunda Show Committee, UAV’s/Drones are not permitted to be used at or above the whole of the Eudunda Oval precinct on Show Day.
    Use of UAV’s/Drones could potentially cause accidents, scaring and harming animals and humans and the Eudunda Show insurance does not cover any loss or damage or civil action which results from their use.
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